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Sunday, June 08, 2008

Bucky Group 26 - Geometry

Joo Hock constructed these structures out of toothpicks and plasticines.

A straight line, being able to denote only 1-dimension;

A triangle, ditto 2-dimensions;

A cube, ditto 3-dimensions; and

A tetrahedron, capable of representing 4-dimensions.

I found this video, relating the geometry of tetrahedron-tensigrity-isocahedron. Notice how the (invisible) forces of a tensigrity structure triangulates to a iscocahedron?

Other than discussing about tetrahedrons and isocahedrons, Monica shared with us something she learned from the website of Anthony di Mello.

It goes like this:

  • Sit somewhere comfortable, relax and close your eyes.
  • Think of something in your environment that makes you feel happy.
  • Enjoy this feeling.
  • Remember how this feeling is.
  • When you have remembered this feeling, you can replay this feeling wherever you are and when you want.

Breakfast at the Rainforest Cafe by Bukit Timah.

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