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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Bucky Group 28 - Silence

14th June 2008 - "A Way to God - Silence" by Anthony De Mello, Video Viewing.
Whichever way you would seek about the Truth, at some point it will require 'silence'. Some people achieve silence through meditation. Silence is beyond thinking.
There is a story of a king who went to the priest to seek the Truth. The king said that he was a busy man and would need it expressed in one sentence. The priest said he could do better and say it in one word, and the word is "silence".
"How can I achieve silence?" the king asked.
"Through meditation," the priest replied.
"How can I meditate?" the king continued.
"Through silence," the priest replied again.
"How can I achieve this silence?" the king asked again.
"Through meditation,"the priest replied again.
So this cyclical question and answer went on and on.
There is a story of a disciple who asked his master if he had taught him everything or kept some secret away from him. The master then took the disciple for a walk along the mountain ridges. During the walk, the master pointed out to a bird singing on a tree to the disciple. The disciple listened to the bird singing and then realised then he already know the secret. He knows it by observing God's creation.
There is a man who was admiring the beauty of sunset and pointed it out to another man. The second man couldn't see the beauty. This surprised the first man, and then realised that beauty is not a thing but is a way of thinking and observation. Unless we understand the way of thinking and observation, we are not going to be able to see the beauty of God's creation.
It is difficult to tell a blind man what the colour green is. Let's supposed if I tell him that the colour green is like soft flowing music. Then one day if he become sighted, he will think soft flowing music is 'green' and will completely overlook something which we called the colour 'green'.
Same as a fish in the ocean who would be looking for the ocean as he had been told certain description of what an ocean looks like. He will be searching everywhere and be unable to find it, not knowing that it is right in front and around him.
You see, if we have been told and image of God, we will be looking for what we think God is like, missing altogether what God really is, even if He is before us. We learn to understand God by observing his creations. It is from the song and the dance that we understand the singer and the dancer.

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