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Thursday, November 06, 2008

Autumn Colours 3

How do you feel when you see this pix?
(You can click on it to enlarge.)
I feel peaceful. Several of my friends who saw this pix told me it is beautiful and likewise they feel tranquil and peaceful after looking at it.
A few days ago, a friend asked me, via instant messenger, how I am. I decided to depict it with this pix and sent it to her. I told her I felt like in the pix. Then, to my surprise...
She: So sad!
Me: Why?
She: The leaves are dry and the trees are dying. So sad!
Me: The trees shed leaves to be efficient during winter and the leaves fall and enrich the ground. How can it be sad?
She: 'Sad' means SAD. Why so defensive? It's a feeling you have.
Me: *puzzled* I don't think I am sad and the pix is very beautiful.
She: Admit it and take a deep look at your subconscious. It will help.
At that point, I decided to leave the conversation.
We only feel what we are inside and what we see is a reflection of ourselves. So, we have the same pix, but two diametrically opposite emotions resulted.
Note: I shot this photograph during one of my daily walks in the woods behind where I stay. I love the colours of autumn.

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