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Friday, February 20, 2009

In Sickness and In Health 12 - the Flow

My cough is unbearable and I needed the cough syrup badly, but the bottle is closed tight. The cap refused to budge even with my bull-strength trying to open it. Tying a rubber band on the cap to enable better hand grip to open didn't work. It was a long time ago since I had a cough and opened the bottle, so the syrup had solidified around the screw threads and glued the cap to the bottle in a deadly embrace.

Not much else I could do, I turned the problem literally on its head in hot water.
After just a few minutes, it opened without any resistance. I was expecting it to give at least a bit of struggle,... but none at all! The cap turned open effortlessly and smoothly. 
From that, I wonder if it is the same with life. That is, if we have the correct ingredients and the correct steps in the correct order, life will just flow. [NLP experts would attest to that!] If we get the ingredients, steps or order wrong, then life will be a struggle.
Makes me wonder how I can improve my life in these respects.

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