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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Vacuum State

Thank you all for visiting Vacuum State. We have 37,456 hits since we started in 2005. This blog is now nearly four years old with 372 posts. Here are the last 100 visitors to Vacuum State at the time of writing.
6      INDIA
6 -
1     SPAIN
1    MACAO
I have been busy recently and therefore have a few blog posts lying incomplete. Do check it out time and again, as I will complete the posts progressively. I have posted them in so that I won't miss them out in the midst of my busying around. It can be very laborious chronicling all those seminars and interesting events I turn up for every day.
There are a few features in the blog which you can utilise like: 
  • Search 
  • Membership subscription (may include stuff more detailed than in the blog) 
  • Twitter (still wondering how it can be useful, so it's still experimental)
  • Skype (yes, you can speak to me)
  • RSS feed
As you can see I have added a Metta ad on the side bar. It is a great tonic drink that has helped me, so I am sharing with you all here. Go to the website, get a free bottle and find out for yourself. Click here
But this is as far as the commercial bit goes in Vacuum State. I have even refrained from hardsell-boiler plate type posts that can bring more traffic to the blog, but takes away much of the spontaneity. I would rather the word to be spreaded around if you like the blog.
I also now do personal readings based on your birthdate. If you are interested, email me your name, birthdate and gender. If you are happy with the reading, you may pay a donation (of any amount), otherwise there is no charge.
There is also now a tip box. If you like Vacuum State and feel like leaving a tip, you can do so by clicking the 'tipjoy' button.
Lastly, I would also like to thank those who has submitted comments to the posts, corresponded with me and some who have even attended some of the meetings like the Bucky Group. Also many thanks to and the other freebies from the Internet, without which Vacuum State will not be possible and I'll not be able to share my spiritual journey with everyone in Cyberspace.

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