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Sunday, December 20, 2009

Dream Interpretation - the riot

I normally do not share my dreams in my blog, but this is an exception because it conjures hard hitting images and conflicts.
[Start of dream]
I was cycling along a familiar stretch of a dual carriageway road near my home. I was reaching a traffic light regulated T junction when I was confronted with a big truck coming straight on me violating the flow of the carriageway. I was perturbed but skirted along the side of the truck and proceeded forward.
Then I saw two collided cars, one of them burned to charred black and both drivers were having a punch-up. Then did I realized that the truck was wilfully coming in the wrong direction to block everyone from going forward.
Having gone passed the truck, I have gone into the point of no return and had to go forward and turned right at the T-junction to get home. As soon as I turned right, the usual surroundings of the otherwise familiar road changed. Instead of trees and residence, I saw shop houses on both sides of the road and people fighting.
By the time I saw all that, I was in the middle of a riot. I had no better choice but to keep cycling, avoiding the smashed glass debris on the road, hoping that they don’t puncture my tyres and immobilize my bicycle. To play it safe, I thought I would keep off the road and cycled along the corridors of the shop houses.
It wasn't better along the shop house corridors, as there was also fighting in there. It became apparent to me that there was a younger more ferocious group beating up another milder, older and more pacifist group in saffron coloured robes. They appeared to have Himalayan facial features. These youngsters were mercilessly punching their older compatriots who were petrified and were clasping their hands to beg their assailants to stop.
I was in no position to save them, so I continued cycling, and by now, a little scared that I may be mistakenly dragged into the fighting. As I hurriedly cycled passed those shops, weaving around the spots of violent actions that were sometimes only about six inches away from me. Then, I saw that some of the shop lots were Buddhist shrines and temples with golden Buddha statues. At that point, a voice communicated to me that the youngsters were beating up the shrine keepers for their supporting a regime that held golden statues while the masses starve. The young rebels felt that the gold used to plate the statues could better be melted and sold in exchange for food.
Then, as I got out at the other end of the corridor, I was once again out on the road and going over a bridge over a big canal. As I crossed the canal, there was no fighting on the bridge and on the other side of the canal. At the end of the bridge on the other side, there was a group of concerned Chinese looking onlookers watching the ransacking of a Buddhist temple on the 9th floor of a building at the other side of the canal by a group of Bangladeshis. At that time, the temple was already smoldering in smoke and flames while the temple keepers were crying for help.
[End of dream]
How would you interprete this dream?

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