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Sunday, December 13, 2009

Holistic Monday

(Sometime in November 2009)
1000h: Meeting with the director to discuss about the character of the film, of a father who hasn't seen his daughter for 6 years and to have her appearing out of the blue in the house without warning. "What do you think the father will feel on meeting the daughter?" Script writing can be very revealing I realised. More so when you are playing the character yourself. Isn't life all an act?
1200h: Time to meet up with the client, a financial service institution. We have been paid to hack into their information system to make sure that their information security is in good health. It is delightful to meet up with this client, as they have been happy customers for some years now. After all the publicity, marketing and advertising, nothing beats giving sincere and quality service and getting repeat business by word of mouth.
1500h: The mock lecture with a university here was postponed to a later date. I had prepared a role play experiential learning session of a scenario where a bank's internet bank got hacked exposing the identity of its customers! This frightful scenario had entertained and educated my clients for many years. Experiential learning beats mere lecture of knowledge.
1600h: Phone calls from clients looking to raise capital for their projects. It is difficult to raise capital in developing countries. As such capital becomes very expensive and it stymies the economic progress and the much needed job creation in these countries.
1800h: An appointment to read the fortune and character of two customers. They are real estate agents, so I provided them a direction chart, the directions which they should focus on to get optimum results. That means, should there be no other business appointments for the day, then take the first one that comes. However, if there are several opportunities coming in, then place priority to those in those directions that will give you success first. One of the customers asked me to check the compatibility with the spouse. This is a common question that sometimes I have to struggle to come out with useful answers for my client. Not so easy! For more, read here
It has been a colourful day, playing many roles. We all wear many different hats in our life. As wife, mother, daughter-in-law, work colleague, ...etc. But in the end, we must not lose track of who we are, and that we are our peaceful selves.

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