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Thursday, June 02, 2011


Some old-style directors still shout and scream at actors that fail to deliver. These poor actors already stressed up for failing to deliver, feel like nervous wrecks burdened by the director's emotional outburst. A stressed up actor wouldn't be able to improve upon his already dismal delivery.
So far, I have been lucky to have worked with directors that prepare me to get into character to fine tune my act. This is particularly important in scenes where subtle shifts in emotions are crucial to anchor the audience attention. For instance, at a funeral scene, the actor playing the role of the moaning relative may be asked to imagine having just held the cold hands of the deceased and recall the happy times he had spent with the deceased during childhood... etc, before acting out the scene. Once in character, the rest comes out easy.
Directing for desired results ought not to be limited to making films. I believe that directing for one's desired results follows the same pattern of coaching the 'actors' in one's project. Team members need to be prepared and coached. The old authoritarian way will not bring forth peak performance.
We can also start by directing our own life - coaching ourselves to get into the results we want. :)

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