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Thursday, June 02, 2011

Hentak Kaki

The trailer of "Hentak Kaki" is out. It was well received during the premiere.
I think the audience were mostly captivated by the realistic acting and dialogue. In fact, the film is so real that it doesn't even have music in it! :)
The director, the co-actor and myself, painstakingly worked out the dialogue as accurately as we could remember so that the dialogue itself would be enough for anyone who has been in the Singapore army to sink into deep reminiscence. We literally 'Singlicised' the script, added Malay and Hokkien, army vocabulary and expressions, and of course, some expletives! That I think, worked the magic!
In my first film, the director often reminded me that if the dialogue does not resonate, don't utter them. This proved to be precious advice that had led to the crafting of the dialogue that has made this film much enjoyed.
Actually, we shouldn't utter anything that does not resonate with ourselves in any case - whether on-reel or off-reel! If it does not resonate, it will not propagate.

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