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Friday, October 06, 2006

Digesting it all!

This picture is taken outside a Thai restaurant, run by an Egyptian, with the food cooked by Filippino chefs, in Riyadh. Globalisation true and true! :) Most of the customers there were Filippino. In fact the restaurant is sited in a Filippino enclave. That area look really run down, which surprised me. I realised that not all places are as plushed looking as the picture shown in the previous posting. I have taken some video shots too. I'll vodcast it here later.

Anyway, all shops are closed during prayer times, and the seats are meant for ladies waiting to get into the restaurant. Which means I could not sit there or share the bench with them, the ladies. The notice next to the sign explains that customers are kept out of the restaurants during prayer times for fire safety reasons and thank us for our understanding.

Fatigue has really set in on me! I am not digesting well, my stomach is bloated and I feel like a heavyweight! After I got back to the hotel, I took some colon cleansing pills and feel much better this morning. My neck still feels very strained! Wish I had some Chinese medicinal plasters, affectionately called 'koyok', to heal with. :)

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