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Friday, October 06, 2006

Healing the Body

These are the medication I bring along when I travel:

Moisturising cream for the face and body, as it is extremely dry over here in Riyadh. Washed laundry dries within ten minutes under the sun! Mine dries in two hours in the 'moist' hotel bathroom!

Balm, in case of physical injury.

Aspirin pain killers when I need to get rid of headaches quickly. I rarely use them, as I normally use Reiki instead. It works!

Insect bite, anti-itch cream.

Colon cleansing capsules that saved my tummy from getting bloated. This one is all natural and vegetable product.

Lastly, I should remember to be kinder to my body. We often don't, in modern urban living. I remember learning to say, "I am not this body, I am a soul. I am a peaceful loving soul", from my Raja Yoga teacher. I have to extend this to loving my body enough to let it rest and recuperate! :)

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