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Friday, May 30, 2008

Bucky Group 24 - Freedom

24th May 2008 (Sat):
This session has two parts. Part 1 is a quick preview of a kaleidoscope of images used for metadron meditation. Part 2 is a video clip about "A Way to God", by Anthony di Mello.

This is the crystal they use for meditation. It is two intersecting tetrahedron. The following are some of the beautiful images in the video of unfolding patterns.


We watched Anthony di Mello's "A Way to God". Part 1 is about "Freedom".

Here "Freedom" doesn't refer to political freedom or democracy, but freedom within. It reminded him of a Japanese general who was captured and jailed. He knew that he will be tortured and therefore was worried. Then at one point he told himself that he will only be tortured the next day, and for the moment he is not tortured and therefore is 'free'.

We are not free because of the chains that hold us back.

The first type of chain holds us back because of the pleasures of the past. This is a disease called 'nostalgia'. It can be that we are walking along and supposedly enjoying the sunset when we then recalled a more beautiful sunset we saw yesterday. So we miss out enjoying the sunset of the moment.

The second type of chain holds us back because of unpleasant experiences of the past. These are unpleasant feelings that some of us erroneously identify with. We must remember these feelings are not us.

There are also a type of chain that holds us back because of the pleasures of the present. Here we are so attached to the pleasures of the present that we don't want it to end.

Exercise: Close your eyes and relax, then think of the place you are now. Then think how it will be like three years from now..., then how it will be like 30 years from now,... then 300 years from now,... and 3,000 years from now. Will you be around? How will you influence the place? At this point you will realise how insignificant you are. The moment you realise that, you are 'free'.


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