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Thursday, May 08, 2008


I used to think that a depressed person is one who would typically come to me and tell me her problems, how miserable she is and ask for my help. That's just too logical. Logical to a logical mind like mine, that is.
A depressed person, in contrast, has lost his sense of logic. To him, the whole world has collapsed and he is in darkness, totally helpless. In his brain, the signals are not firing properly and messages are not getting through one part of his neurons to another. So logic doesn't help. My logic, therefore will not reach a depressed person or the part of the brain that it should reach.
Instead, to a depressed person, he has done no wrong and it is everyone else that is the problem. It is common for the depressed person to lay all his blames on others, especially to the one that he loves most. So his closest will be his severest victim. It is easy for a victim to shout out loud and throw his hands up high and give up! Many do.
Do you know of someone whom you think may be depressed?
If so, don't try to be logical with her. Be very patient. Usually these people are easily tired, sleep a lot, very negative and complain a lot about others and everything. Persuade them to seek help. If discovered early, the chemicals in his brain that causes the depression can be corrected.
I am told by a friend who used to be a depressive person that there are more people than you think that are clinically depressed. Some have wide swings of moods and others find escapes such as alcohol and become alcoholics. Ask yourself and observe, you may find more people that are depressed than you think. Many times, we just discount them as people who are drunk, aggressive or difficult to handle (bad attitudes).
A positive attitude towards life and meditation certainly help to avoid depression. However, if one is already depressed, it is often hard to get out. It is here that psychiatric help is necessary.

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