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Friday, July 25, 2008

In Sickness or In Health 6 - Fair Weather

I am happy. The weather is sunny and dry, after weeks of continuous rain. It is easier to be happy in fair weather. I feel more energetic soaking up the sun and getting chores in the house and garden done.
But isn't happiness independent from anything 'outside' myself? Hmmm... sounds good, but how do I put it to practice? Does that mean that if I am absolutely peaceful, then it wouldn't matter if it is dark, wet, cold and gloomy outside and I would be equally happy and energetic?
Those of you in the tropics who have not lived in cold climates may not even understand what I am moaning about when I speak of depressing weather. You probably have taken all the sunshine everyday for granted. So the next time you see your sunny skies, give your gratitude. It is not the same every where you know?
To give you a better idea, I have taken the picture below...

Imagine it is also gloomy and cold the whole day and try feeling happy in weather like this. When it is like this, it is very uncomfortable to go out for a walk to get some exercise and fresh air. That dulls the body.

A few days ago, I chatted with a friend of mine online whilst he was in Dubai. He said he wished he was where I am (during the wet spell), as it was 45C and extremely humid there. I guess he is right. In comparison, I will rather choose it here. I then felt better instantly! :)

There will always be ups and downs in our life, but we must not let it affect our inner peace and strive to stay happy. That's the challenge!

Also, what is desirable is mostly taken from the human perspectives. It is gloomy when it is rainy here, but farmers love it and there are many creatures in nature that need the rain to live. So, whilst I would prefer sunny skies, there will be times where the rain will have to come to give life and make the flowers grow. Thinking about it makes me feel happier already!


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