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Thursday, July 10, 2008

The Secret Behind "The Secret" 2

I watched "The Secret" DVD again two nights ago (my fourth time) and noticed one of the commentators called "Esther Hicks from Abraham". Then last night, I stumbled upon her clips on Youtube. Apparently, she channels a group of masters who use her body to communicate with her students. I found her (or the masters') messages enlightening and they have helped me to clarify where I have not performed well enough recently.
Listen intently to that certain depth in her voice during her channeling, it is very different from when she is not.
What I have learned:
  • FEEL GOOD: That I must do things that I feel good, for that is the only way that will bring me joy and therefore what I really really want. I tune myself to the 'downstream vibration'. My emotions is an indicator of my vibration. Therefore I would pay attention to what I am feeling. For instance, I feel better when I praise than when I criticize. Yet I do the latter sometimes. Why?
  • FEEL MAD: However, I am glad even when I am feeling mad, because it is a just reminder to me that I must get back into alignment. So I embrace even my negative emotions. It shows that my guidance system is working.
  • FEEL HAPPY: I need to be 'this happy' to achieve 'this', not 'I need this amount of time' to achieve 'this'. I feel good before I get 'there', not only when I am 'there'. I may need more time to be 'this happy' to get 'there', but this is because I choose to subconsciously.
  • FEEL IN LOVE: When I am in love with somebody, it means that that person is coming into my life to help me get into alignment with the downstream vibration. That is why I am feeling so good about that person.
  • CLARITY: Clarity is my natural state of being.

Once we understand that we have to put our minds into what we really want, we will get what we want and we have to watch our emotions constantly as they are indications of our vibrations. Life is not a frenzy.

You may find other points that are pertinent to your own development.
Below are some of her clips.There are many other of her clips available on Youtube - take your own pick.


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