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Monday, July 07, 2008

Kids Play 12 - Everyone's a Winner

Bernie, 4 years old, was playing the board game with his dad. Each player starts from 'start' with 4 'seeds' and then successively move forward to 'home' in the middle of the board, by the count at the throw of the dice.
As it went, Bernie finished the game first with all his seeds 'home'.


Bernie's daddy congratulated him and went on to pack up the game, since it was finished. However, Bernie insisted that his dad continue to throw the dice and move his 'seeds' so that they too will all get home and daddy too will be a winner.

A child, in their innocence, just wants to play and wants everyone to win.

Somewhere, as we grow up, Fear somehow sets in that resulted in many of us adults wanting to win without regards that others have to lose.

Read also In Memory of my school Principal Ong Kim Siong - he too, wanted a system where every child is a winner.

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