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Wednesday, December 10, 2008

In Sickness or In Health 8 - Influence

Today is an exceptional day for swinging moods. I woke up fairly relaxed. Then a miserable friend rang and poured out his grievances and heartaches to me and I felt down after that. Later in the afternoon, I chatted with a friend online. She was very happy and without being conscious about it, I became happy. Unfortunately, in the evening, another friend came online and chatted. She was very nervous and stressed, and after chatting with her, I felt the same.
I behaved like a radio, receiving their signals and playing their songs. I have to be more careful not to let that happen.
The mind by its nature is peaceful and still. It is our moods that make the mind flutter. Much like the leaves on the trees when the wind blows.
I shall now let my mind return home to Peace... Om Shanti.

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