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Friday, December 19, 2008

Staged Magic

I lost my wallet to a pickpocket thief in the train from Brussels to Paris' Charles De Gaulle Airport last Friday. I think it was done by the guy who sat next to me. He was unusually friendly. Then I think he picked my pocket when I stood up to reach for my luggage from the overhead shelf when the train reached the airport. This is the time, when most people are more anxious to pack up and leave quickly.
When I felt the sudden hollow in my pockets, I thought that I may have lost my wallet in the station or dropped on my seat. Everyone around was very concerned, except the friendly chap who sat next to me. He was no longer friendly nor concerned. But I realised that only later, by that time, he was gone.
It must have taken him one or two seconds to pick my wallet from my trousers pocket. His demeanour, his hand skills and his patience to wait for the right moment, is no mean feat. Why doesn't he go into stage magic and show business? He could make some decent money legally.
But that's how it is. Many people do not know who they really are. They often underestimate their self worth. Don't we sometimes? This thief can be a lot more worthy serving and entertaining others in stage magic. But they do not know who they really are and the higher potentials they can reach by serving others and themselves.

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