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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

It's a Dog's Life - Puppy Love

We had new kittens when I was in Europe six months ago, now back in Singapore, we get three new Shetland pups from Cookie. They are just six days old in the picture, eyes still closed and relying entirely on their mother's milk.
On the first day of their birth, the mother kept herself in the same position till late at night, forgoing her meals, so that her pups can have her milk. It was till the pups were well fed and that she was so hungry that she had her supper that night.
On the second day, as the maid went to change the towel in her den, Cookie thought that she was going to take her pups away. By the time the maid came back with the fresh towels, two of the pups where missing from her den and hidden elsewhere (under the bed).
It is fascinating to observe the motherly love instinctive in all animals. Cats do the same caring for their kittens when they are very little, they will let their kittens eat first, and only when her kittens are well-fed that the mother cat will eat what is left.

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