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Thursday, April 16, 2009

105 Universal Laws Review

In difficult economic times like these, should I cut down on my expenses and quality of life, or should I continue to believe in the Law of Abundance and spend?
It all depends on your intention.  
Do you spend to fill in a void? A void is an insecurity - a Fear. If you do, then Abundance does not come to you, as you are coming from the thought of Lack! And so you get 'Lack'. 
However, if you spend because you believe that the Source will provide for you, then you will be provided for. Many people believe Money to be their Source. If you believe that, then when money runs out, there is Fear. However, if you believe that your source is not Money, but the inexhaustable Universal Source, then Abundance will work to continue to provide for you.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Totally agree. I like how you have made it very concise and clear. I became aware of this when I heard Bucky's Law of Precession expounded by Randy Craft in KL. Thank you.