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Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Futurists 8a - Life Extension

In the previous Futurist post, Aubrey de Grey spoke about life extension by repairing our bodies at cellular level.
Last weekend, I chanced upon two products that is said to operate at the cellular level. This is a rare commercial post in this blog, but please bear with me, as they seem to be interesting.
1. Metta

This is what it says in its website:
"A healthy body begins with healthy cells. METTA Herbal Health Tonic utilizes the healing powers of Mother Nature and helps to repair the body at a cellular level. Being a 'whole body tonic,' METTA ensures healthy cell division and repair which will help restore and maintain balance throughout the whole body system... more "
I have registered online and got myself a free bottle to try. Here are my results:
On the first day, after sipping 15ml of the tonic, I felt a sudden rush of fluid through my body and a tension around the neck, then I felt sleepy and went to bed. 
The next day, I felt this abundance of energy and (strangely) enthusiasm for everything. In the evening, I again took another 15ml. This time, I felt as if I have just done a marathon, as my legs felt that way! Again, I felt sleepy and went to bed.
Next day, again I felt this rush of energy in me. This has now gone on for four days. I will keep you posted on the results as I progress.
I spoke to the founder of Metta and he told me the sudden tension/fatigue is due to the detoxification of the cells when I consume the tonic. If my body is cleaner, then I won't have the fatigue. It is amazing to me how though cells exist separately to each other, the effect of the tonic was felt instantly when consumed. It is akin to the instantaneous pain of a needle prick on the finger tip,  although the event had to be communicated to the brain and back.

If you want  a free bottle, click here.
[Declaration: I will benefit financially if you join. Sorry, this happens to be network marketing stuff. :) But actually without the usual nastiness, as there is no membership fees, no minimum sale targets, no need to keep (buy) stock...etc.  Yet you may make money from it if you work on it.]
2. Emtech
Its website says, "Emtech uses High electric, Magnetic, Heat and Far Infrared energy source to influence the body energy balance.  It is a holistic approach to stimulate the mind and body's own healing response... more."
I tried the one my family bought, on my feet. I felt little bubbles of energy circulating in my feet and my shanks. It was a relaxing feeling, the same as in acupuncture. I didn't feel any changes after that, but my mother who uses it an hour daily has got rid of her back pains and bowel problems. My sister uses it daily and lost 3.5kg in 2 months.
I am not a member of this one, but I can get you a free 15 trial voucher  on the machine if you are residing in Singapore. I will not make any money from this one.

1 comment:

jupilier said...

More testimonials...
Second week:
On the Monday, I felt extremely sleepy and fell asleep at 6pm till the next morning's 6am. I felt fresh on awakening. It wasn't flu, just the sleepiness without the lethargy.

By Friday, I realised that my complexion is better and also lose abit of fat around the tummy! :)

By Saturday: No longer have the mild headaches, so I started increasing the amount of Metta I drink in the evening.