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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Fake It Until You Make It??? :)

Once upon a time, there was a man who dreamed about getting rich. So he decided to 'fake it until he make it' and went out to buy a fake Rolex watch and showed it around. The common folks were full of admiration of the man and thought that he had struck wealth and can now splurge on luxuries like the expensive watch.

Word got around that he was already rich. So one day a visiting tycoon came to the village and wanted to meet him. He was delighted, but throughout the meeting, he kept his hands in his trousers pocket to hide his fake Rolex. The visitor did not notice and overall had a good impression of the man.

After the tycoon had left, the man is again out showing off his watch and enjoying the admiration and attention granted to a successful man from the common folks. Everyone really thought he had arrived and treated him with respect.
However, as much as he enjoyed the attention, deep down, he knew in truth whether his Rolex is authentic or not. Much as the truth we always know of ourselves. :)


Anonymous said...

Sometimes faking it until you make it works. Opportunities do open up. A sad world indeed where most of us are judged first by our appearance.

michael said...

It must have worked sometimes, otherwise we won't see so many doing it over and over again! :)

DK said...

But what if someone discovers it one day? Wouldn't he/she be living in a lie everyday?

michael said...

Yes, that someone is him/herself. Since he/she would know best.

Details: said...

I am reading this book Rules of Wealth by Richard Templar and in it, he mentioned about if you want to be wealth, try to learn them, imitate them, the way they conduct themselves, behave themselves etc.

But pretending to be like them is definitely a no-no.

michael said...

There are some motivational gurus that advocate the 'fake it until you make it' mantra. They claim that will bring your mind and physiology into the winning streak.

I feel that whatever it is, one has to believe in something 100%, without the slightest doubt, to succeed. If we can conceive and believe, we can achieve. No doubt about that!