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Saturday, December 30, 2006

Some of my Thoughts

The following post was my first assignment at Toastmasters a few years ago. Thought it would be interesting to share it here...

We are the sum of our thoughts. So today, I’ll be sharing with you some of my thoughts. Each of these thoughts has influenced in my life. I will present them in a chronological order.

Thought 1 : “Why can’t teachers explain to me why I’m a naughty boy?”
I think children should not be fed any negativity about themselves without clear explanations and their own right of reply (or defense). Often, adults choose the easy way out by criticising the child (sometimes with physical punishments) without clear explanations. The result of this thought and experience is that I now take the patience to explain what I want to people (esply children) clearly.

Thought 2 :“ How is it that Caucasian tourists can afford to backpack to see the world, while we (the locals) are struggling to bring three meals to the table?”
As an adventurous kid, I used to wander to Mount Faber from my home in Redhill where I met these tourists. We were ‘allowed’ to do that those days. School was not so demanding and mum has seven other of my brothers and sisters to take care of. This thought has strengthened my resolve to live my dream and travel the world, modelled after a few books written by the author and futurist Alvin Toffler. At that age, I was idealistic and had a fervent belief that people regardless of race, language, religion, caste, creed or gender can achieve anything they want to, if they put their minds to it. To date, I have lived and worked in fifteen cities across four continents over twenty years, and have built my information security business in the meantime.

Thought 3 :“How can a country so dynamic once upon a time be so indolent?”
This may sound familiar, but I was actually referring to England when I started my backpacking. After Australia, my impression was that all white people are naturally lazy. This thought is later proven wrong when I returned to Singapore, my country of birth. When I left twenty years ago, everyone was ‘hungry’ to work and progress. Now after a system of government where many Members of Parliament need not face the ballot box to be in office, a series of government subsidised upgrading of living quarters, monetary dividends, and other payouts, the majority has become indolent.
So, regardless of race, language and religion, once the system is set to produce lazy and indolent people, it will!

Thought 4: “At some point, we have to let go…”
When I was twenty, I thought life goes on forever. Physically, it was almost zero resistance. Now when I go jogging, I realise I have kneecaps that hold my thighs and shanks together. Bless are my kneecaps that are still working and serving me well.
We cannot defy gravity. At some point, our physical attributes will be less effective, especially given the way we punish ourselves daily. I am now more health conscious. I practise Yoga and meditate daily. It gives me a mind to see many issues more clearly to be grateful for all of God’s creations.

So whether it is a new line of wrinkle, your grown-up offspring leaving home or a need to loosen political grip, at some point we have to let go to move forward.

You are the sum of your thoughts. So pay good attention to them. Thoughts are energy. Thoughts travel and they are powerful. :)


Anonymous said...

I think therefore I am.

Thought 2 :" How is it that Caucasian tourists can afford to backpack to see the world, while we (the locals) are struggling to bring three meals to the table?"

Caucasians move out on their own and stop mooching off their parents when they turn 18. They get higher salary as they have to pay for their own housing. It's just the western culture to backpack their way around the way and be much less reliant on their parents.

Of course, having more money and a stronger currency helps too.

michael said...

Singapore was one of the poorest countries in the world then. It was very different from the Singapore now and one you have lived in. We were all thinking about survival day and night, and that does not only apply to adults. You can see children helping their parents by their street side food stalls; children selling you-char-kway door-to-door; or delivering newspapers before sunrise. Life was hard.

The backpackers happened to be Caucasians. The point is that no matter what race, language, religion, caste, creed or gender; and may I add economic state one is in, as long as we set our minds to achieving something we really want, we will.

Asians tend to have the impression that Caucasians are all independent and wanderlust. This is not entirely true. With the tough employment situation, increasingly they too are living with mum and dad. There are also many who haven't traveled 50 miles away from their birthplace, eg. USA.