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Monday, September 01, 2008

Dream Interpretation 2

Dreams reflect our thoughts either symbolically or literally. It is useful to keep a dream log if you want to understand your sub-conscious thoughts, which you are not conscious of (well how else can I put it?).
Here are some tips on keeping a dream log, based on my own experiences:
  1. Relax before you sleep. If you are tense, you can't remember your dreams well. Also, you may have nightmares if you are tense.
  2. Suggest to yourself that you will remember your dream before you fall asleep, and sleep before 11pm. Put some rose quartz crystals under your pillow. It helps to remember your dreams better. I have tried that and it seems to work.
  3. Put a voice recorder or writing pad and pen next to your bed. Record your dreams immediately when you wake up, don't even get out of bed if you can help it. The more you move, the more you will forget.
  4. Record everything you can remember. Do not be inhibited, rational or logical. Record as it is: what you see, who you see, the colours you see, the emotions you had,... etc. Be as detailed as you can. Draw it out if you can. Don't worry about the interpretations and logic. Leave that later. If you have trouble remembering, start from the last scene, then work backwards.
  1. Your journal may not make sense to you immediately, but when you read back later, you will notice a pattern that recurs. For instance, you may always dream of going back to college, or missing the exams etc. Over time, you will be able to interprete your dreams.
  2. Dream dictionaries are only useful as a guide, as different people regard different symbols differently. For instance, "death" may be terminal for some people, but for others who believe in reincarnation, it is just a gateway and transition to another state - so literally, the dream may mean that he is moving into a new house or office.
  3. Focus on your emotions during your dream. They are the key to what the dream really mean.
I understand myself better since I started dream journaling. Sometimes, I foresee people in my dreams, that I later met up with in my waking hours, months later. Sometimes, I foresee the happy times that are ahead. But these can be considered as just petty dramas in life, as we should all take life as they come instead of worrying about the future. However, it is spiritually enriching to understand ourselves better through our subconscious. Dream journaling enables that.
Some Dreams I had:

I heard a friend of mine telling me that his wife was asking for a divorce, in my dreams sometime ago. Eight months later, she really asked him for a divorce.

I told my friend after he is divorced and he asked me why didn't I warn him before hand. Should I have told him at that time? I thought it was only a dream after all then. If I have told him, pehaps he would have taken measures to save the marriage. Now, it is better to believe that it all happens for a higher good. May be it is better for the marriage that was not working to end and move on to the next stage in life.

I met a girl five months after I saw her in my dream. She has the same Oriental features and even the same dress.

She is a girl I saw in my dream, but not my dream girl. Here, it is important not to be distracted and be judgmental, but take it as it comes.

In my dreams a few days ago, I saw a few parrots and parrakeets perched on a line. What struck me was how brilliant the colours were. They were pink, white, green and grey.

I knew immediately that the birds are symbolic of new things that will be liberated soon, as to me birds are symbols of being set free.

To me, the colours:

  • Pink represents love and compassion
  • White represents purity and a new beginning
  • Green represents nature and healing
  • Grey, ought to represent "dullness and depression" according to the dream dictionary, but it means "intelligence" and "wits" to me. I am familiar with African Grey parrots - they learn new tricks and sounds very quickly.

I will let you know how these signs will manifest itself when the time comes. What is to come will become clearer as I draw nearer to the manifestations. At the moment, I have some intelligent guesses as to what they will be.

So, you have to truly relate to your dream symbols according to your own encounters in your life. However, do not be bias towards what you want to, or like to hear. In other words, don't bluff yourself. Step back and be as objective as you can. Sometimes the truth can be undesirable or painful, but nevertheless is the truth. However, whatever happens will happen for the highest good.

To change your lives, change your thoughts. That's what dream journaling can help you - to have clarity of your own thoughts. As you change your thoughts, your dreams will change too.


You may also like to combine your dream journal with your waking life journal. I have started doing so recently, so that I can correlate what happened in the dream vs what happened during the day, and vice versa.

Keeping a diary is a way of appreciating ourselves without going into an ego trip. It is a way of enjoying our own company. Loneliness only comes to people who does not enjoy their own company. It is said that if you do not enjoy your own company, why inflict it on others? :)

Sometimes, I do non-dominant hand journaling, in the same book. That means writing with my left hand about anything that comes to mind. It is said that after ten minutes, what we write with our left hand comes straight from the sub-conscious. That will be evident when you read back what you have written, it will not seem like something you could possibly have written. It may also feel eerie the first time round. But do not fear, it is still yourself writing, albeit your hidden sub-conscious self. The same journaling techniques for clarity and detail apply here to non-dominant hand journaling.

Keeping these journals in the same book is fascinating. It makes me more mindful to be an observer in my own life.

Some Parting Shots...

When we are still, we see much more of everything around us and know alot about what is happening, sometimes even about things that will happen in the future. Journaling, just like meditation or chanting, can yet be another exercise in stilling the mind.

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free dream interpretation said...

There are certain instances when I forget what my dream was about even though it was only a few seconds after I woke up. I don't know why but ever since, I don't wake up in a rush anymore, I always try to have time to remember my dreams and reflect on those dreams.

free dream interpretation said...

Some people say they don't dream... but they do dream... they just don't remember their dreams. Dreaming is a necessary function for the mind.

Try this exercise if you are looking for an answer.. speak to your dreaming self or Dream Guide before retiring at night and ask for a specific dream for a specific problem you are encountering. Ask for a dream that will give you a solution to your problem.. one that is simple and easy to understand.. Repeat it over and over like a lullaby as you drift off to sleep. Keep a dream journal and pen by your bed. When you awaken, write everything down that you remember of this dream.. people, details, colours, faces, feelings. Write all this down without analysing.. be descriptive instead. Then set it aside. A few days later, read what you have written without judgment and you will find that you have a solution there to your problem. Viola! Simple isn't it?