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Sunday, September 07, 2008

Lost In Conceptualisation 2 - Policing and Revenge

I was invited to a writing competition prize award ceremony organised by the Liege Police in Belgium, with the theme "Vengeance". The competition is a way of helping the police think out-of-the-box when solving cases.
Being trained in the police academy and absorbed by the working comraderie, it is easy to get "lost in conceptualisation". Hence they seek the creative thoughts of fiction writers, and cast the net wide with a prize money. It is injecting professionals outside the trade into the trade, where they can now see things from the child-like observation and creativity of a child.

The Award Ceremony
The first prize story is about the monologue of a seemingly upright man trying to logic out why he had beaten up his mother and left her in the covered sewers of the city. The contradictions and pains of a man who was badly treated by his mother and ultimately got into a rage of madness to commit the tragic act. Yet, the novel depicts in monumental detail, the thoughts and concerns of the son of his already dead mother in the sewer.
Arguably, there are better written novels that were submitted and had won the second prizes, but they all follow too much the rationality of conventional crimes. The first prize was won on originality that captures the hearts of the judges and the ability not to have the plot spun off from conceptualisations that most policemen are trained to think in.
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