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Thursday, October 02, 2008

Kid's Play 16 - Boarding School

Attended a talk by the principal of a boarding school recently, that welcomes its students for the new semester In it, he says that the school is not one that promotes elitism and would accept students from all backgrounds that are willing to learn. It is true as it has a means-tested fee structure, such that both the rich and poor can afford to attend the school.
In true Catholic fashion, he said that the school is not a place that teaches students to earn a lot of money in the future, but rather to be educated and responsible human-beings. I differ with him a little on the part about money, in that, children should be taught about abundance and financial prudence early in their life, so that they can have a life comfortable enough to focus on spiritualism. Also, emphasising that the school is not a place to learn about making money, gives a negative impression about money to those young minds. They might grow up thinking that money is evil. I believe that we can be well-moneyed and spiritual. We don't have to be poor in order to be spiritual.
Further, he enumerated two directions which the school takes, akin to the two recent Olympic Gold Medals Belgium has won in High Jump and 4x100m relay. That is, though the students may come from varying educational backgrounds, the school endeavours to bring the standards as high as possible, just like in High Jump. Then, as each student is stretched to their highest standard possible, there shall be no prima donna, but team players who will excel together, just like in 4x100m relays.
The compounds and the buildings can do with some refurbishment, but then I think they would not have enough funds as they do not want to charge high fees such that only the rich can study there. They take students from all races and religions, like Muslims, Christians, Buddhists,...etc. As I departed, I could see families leave in big Mercedes and Porsche, but also Toyotas and other ordinary cars. There are also some who walked down the slopes from the school and departed by train. I think the school has set its priorities to love all and serve all. My blessings to them.

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Christian school said...

This is very nice article and I am pleased to hear that this school is eager to admit the students of all classes. There are very few boarding schools that run their operations for the development of society. Although there is some other Christian schools that give quality education along with the spirit of theism.