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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Social Enterprise 3 - Simplicity

Problem: Lack of clean water for a remote village without electricity or affordable energy source. River water is some distance away and has to be laboriously carried manually in buckets.

My immediate idea to a solution is to install pumps and pipes to bring water from the river, through a water treatment unit, to the villagers for consumption. I think most engineers would think of doing just that. However, it is a solution the village cannot afford. They do not even have the resources to buy diesel to operate the pump.

I am therefore very impressed with what an organisation called PlayPump International does. See the video below...


What's more the solution is fun, self-sustainable and serves the villagers' needs.


Anonymous said...

What a great idea - 1 idea, many happy and healthy consequences. Thanks for sharing.

jupilier said...


Thanks for reading the posts and leaving your comment.

Do read the next most, which I have found some other appropriate technologies that have benefited the poor.