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Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Reiki 4 - Usui Pilgrimage

Mr Parag Pattani is my Reiki master. He has written the following account of his recent trip to Dr Mikao Usui's shrine in Japan. I have posted this here because Master Parag is one who follows his heart, and it often lead to interesting and enlightening results. I would be following up on his story in the months ahead, so watch this space...
For the last few months the calling had been very strong, to pay a visit to Dr.Usui’s (he re-discovered Reiki) grave in Tokyo and Mt.Kurama near Kyoto where he received his enlightenment. Since it entailed a special trip to Japan from Singapore, the cost was high but with involvement in Reiki at an all time high, both in passion and profession, I had to do it. Finally on 13th October,2008 I flew to Japan.
Grave & Memorial in Tokyo
My first stop was Tokyo. Part of Dr.Usui’s remains are buried at a graveyard in Saiho-ji temple ( He is originally said to have been buried at another private site in Tokyo). There is also a memorial stone erected by some of his disciples in 1927. The inscription in Kanji on the stone speaks about Dr.Usui’s life in brief, especially about his achievements in the field of Reiki. Various Master have travelled to this place before me and some translations of the inscription on the stone are available on the internet. In a nutshell, the following emerges from various translations provided -... read more
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Anonymous said...

Fancy that. I have been contemplating taking up Reiki 1 with Parag for the last 4 months and I keep postponing. A friend of mine recommended him to me. When I was deciding which modality to pick up apart from Quantum Touch, I was attracted to the Reiki Princples Daily Affirmation -
Just for Today
I will be free from Anger
I will be free from Worry
I will be Humble
I will be Honest
I will be compassionate to Myself and Others
This sets Reiki apart from other modalities.


jupilier said...

Sounds like good timing! :)