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Friday, July 22, 2005


Attended the free "The Silva Method" workshop by Nancy Ho at the Renaissance Hotel in Singapore on 19th july 2005. About 40 people turned up to listen to how we can think positively in Alpha frequency to optimise our mindpower. Nancy brought us through a some exercises including a short meditation to let us experience how it feels like being in Alpha state.
The Silva Method was invented by Mr Jose Silva, born Aug 11, 1914 in Laredo, Texas, USA, into quite a poor family and at a very young age, he became the sole breadwinner of the family. He later became a radio repair technician and was fascinated with frequencies and how the human too think in different frequencies of Beta, Alpha, Teta and Delta, of which he discovered that we all can perform at peak levels if we keep ourselves at Alpha level.
Looking further into the Silva Method, I was surprised that it is very similar to meditation and reiki. At the later modules of the training course, the student will be thought how to send loving or healing thoughts to others just like in Reiki and also develop ESP abilities. What amazes me equally, is that the method uses mostly psychology to achieve what gurus thought us spiritually. Much the same as Kong's workshop on Mind Mastery.

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