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Thursday, July 14, 2005


"I do good to others, but others are nasty to me! Why?"

Attended the talk on "Karma" by one of the sisters from the Brahma Kumaris organisation on Monday 11th July 2005 at Le Meridien Hotel in Singapore. Three great seminars over three consecutive days! Learned a great deal...

Karma is a concept that explains the common term "what goes around comes around". In its simplest form, it means, "if I do good, goodness will come to me". However, we often hear of people complaining that despite having done good to others, they are still in the unfavorable receiving end of human relationships. That means, "I do good to others, but others are nasty to me! Why?"

In the seminar, the sister explained that this is because the other person has a negative karma that needs to be exhausted. It has hardly any connection with your karma causing his adverse reactions to you. So, in such situations, we should allow the person to gradually exhaust her negative karma. To protect ourselves, we just have to refuse to receive their negative/nasty reactions. If not received, the negativities remains with the other person.

Very enlightening. It almost made me feel better already!


Anonymous said...

and how do we refuse to receive the negative karma unleashed by another person on us? is it a per son just have to keep quiet and ignore it when another person is yelling at him?

jupilier said...

I think we have to first remind ourselves that the karma unleashed belongs to that person and not us. For instance, getting angry with that person unleashing the karma on us is getting ourselves entangled. :)