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Monday, July 04, 2005

Soar Above the Clouds

"Over the years, most of us accumulated much emotional fatigue in our subconscious as we become adults. It slows us down, clouds our child-like qualities…”

Too often we hear people complain about not having the time to do the things they always wanted to do. In reality, time is often not the major concern, but rather it is the lack of motivation and most of all the lack of energy, especially after the end of a hard day’s work. At the end of each day after work and dinner, the remaining hours are spent vegetating in front of the television or some other mindless activities. Even the most disciplined amongst us have experienced the level of fatigue such that we cannot do the things we want to do.

In contrast, children seem to have the abundance of energy. How is it that we do not have the same level of energies that children have? Professional basketball players are known to be unable to play with the same rigour and length of time that children do everyday. Yet, all of us have been children once upon a time. How did we lose the boundless energies we all used to have?

To most children, energies flow freely in their bodies. They are free of worries, hatred and sustained anger. Over the years, most of us accumulated much emotional fatigue in our sub-conscious as we become adults. It slows us down, clouds our child-like qualities, our shining divine virtues, our bubbly personalities, our enthusiasm, our ability to enjoy the simple things in life, and blunt our compassion and love for others. Bringing down these worries, hatred, anger and other disowned aspects would be key to bringing us back to the child-like happiness that we once experienced.

Meditation is a journey within. A journey to rediscover ourself – our shiny divine virtues mentioned above. Indeed, we have to re-discover ourself. Meditation is likened to polishing our divine virtues so that our worries, anger, hatred,…etc that you have built up over the years will leave us.

Meditation is a peaceful wonderful experience of calm. It recharges our batteries, so that our energy levels during your first hour in the morning will be the same as your last hour of the day. So now it is akin to being fed with high-octane fuel every hour. You will have more energy to do the things you always wanted to do, since you always had the time anyway.

I had the good fortune to be introduced to a course at the Self Awareness Society in Singapore that had transformed me. The course is called "The 7 Day Transformational Journey (7DTJ)". It is a powerful self-awareness programme of approximately 60 hours. It has helped me to realise my true being, recognise and deal with the blocks that were hindering my personal growth and happiness, and to use meditation to sustain inner peace.

I would strongly recommend this course to anyone who wants to learn how to meditate. It prepares the participants' minds for meditation and cleanse them of any anger, hatred, worries, etc. Your divine virtues will thus surface and you will feel and look shiny like polished diamonds - a ‘temporary high’, to be sustained with regular meditation.

Realising the true human nature, the very attributes we were naturally endowed with when we came into being, such as Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence and Unconditional Love is a wonderful experience. Once having gone through the 7DTJ, you will experience improvements to your self-esteem, confidence, creativity, leadership qualities. Many participants in the past have also given up smoking, drinking, gambling and other indulgences.

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