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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

"It is our intellect that can guide us to a better life."
Realised it is tough keeping up with my blogs. Still several days behind what I want to write. My policy is now to write first and clean up the grammar later. I trust that you are tolerant enough to put up with the rough edges. For starters you are reading writings by an engineer - a profession not known for elegant literary works! Already a struggle in itself writing in plain English devoid of acronyms (we engineers (or Singaporeans) love them. :)
I attended the talk on Vedanta, by the disciple of Swami Parasarathy on Monday 8th July 2005 at one of the Mastermind's apartment at Tanjong Katong, Singapore. I was told that Swami Parasarathy has an ashram in the outskirts of Mumbai and comes to Singapore only once in a while, as he is already 78 years old.
The talk is based on a book Swami has written, after 25 years of research - to help people understand why they're so miserable and crack under calamity or adversity! The book refers to ancient scriptures of Vedas, the foundation / principles of the Bhagvad Gita/ ancient Hindu knowledge channeled by the Rishis and yogis in advanced trance state - sort of Universal truths to show you how to face your challenges in your life by giving you the" tools " / or better still, the manual for living.
The talk was informal and interactive, and we were all sat on the floor while the speaker explained to us what Vedanta is. The speaker said that despite the progress in the material world through a more integrated world economy and advances in technology, people in general are not happier because most of us have not mastered the art of living.
That means the art of managing ourselves, our minds and therefore our lives. We have to learn to manage ourselves and we can do that by enriching our experiences and learning from them. Knowledge acquired from objective learning improves our intelligence, wherelse knowledge acquired through subjective learning improves our intellect. It is our intellect that can guide us to a better life.
It was an interesting talk and it was a pity that I had to leave midway for a business opportunity somewhere in the West side of the island. I was notified of the meeting only hours before. I have been getting more and more these opportunities of late - perhaps testimony to the Jewel Visualisation working! :)


Anonymous said...

i heard a talk by the swami on TV yesterday...he mentioned his book The Vedanta Treaties...Did a search on google and yours is the only site that came up. Would u happen to know where I can purchase this book? I'm just going out on a limb here...thanks...
my email -

Anonymous said...

Its Vedanta Treatise & not Treaties - you will find a lot of sites that will help in your search