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Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Mind Power Master
"...telling oneself that one is a millionaire every morning isn't going to make one a millionaire if one does not believe in it when the affirmations are uttered."

Two workshop over two consecutive days! What a weekend! This one "Mind Power Mastery" is conducted by Mr Kong Keen Yung on Sunday 10th July 2005.
In a nutshell, Kong's workshop is about creating a belief system in ourselves and once established, we can achieve anything (we believe). In other words, believe in ourselves. We can achieve anything as long as we believe in it! Much similar to the Godliness in us and the Oneness in All taught in Dr Aaron Lim's lecture. It is interesting to find how similar the principles of the two workshops are, despite coming from two facilitators that are so different from each other. Equally amazing was how similar his methods correlate with the Reiki healing visualisations and 'attitude of gratitude' that practitioners adopt; and the power of thought forms as I learned in the Theosophical Society.

There are a few things that are different in Kong's workshops compared to the others I've known. Kong modified some traditional techniques of visualisation to make them effective. For instance, the notion of telling oneself that one is a millionaire every morning isn't going to make one a millionaire if one does not believe in it when the affirmations are uttered. That is because, deep down the person knows for a fact that he/she does not have a million dollars! So, whatever we cannot believe, it is unlikely that we will achieve. Thus Kong's techniques takes the student through careful steps to avoid the pitfalls found in the traditional methods. He takes the students through the steps of building a belief system that is true!

In one of the exercises, we were supposed to guess the time lapse without looking at a watch. The exercise works like this: first I decide to guess how long is (say) 70 seconds. So I close my eyes, say "START", wait for my perceived 70seconds to lapse and then say "STOP". Meanwhile my partner timed me with a clock. Before the technique was taught, my perception of 70 seconds was 80 seconds - an error of a 10 second gap. After the technique was taught, my perception gap went down from 10 seconds to 5 seconds. I was amazed!

Basically, I created an entity "sub-genius", drew an icon for the sub-genius, gave it a easy to remember name, say "EVOL" then gave him a job function of being an alarm clock. I then visualise holding him in my hands and virtually putting him in my head. Once installed in my head, I trust and imagined him to be my servant alarm clock that will 'wake' me up when my 70 seconds are up. After that give your gratitude to your sub-genious. Simple as that!

The other methods he taught was similar to this one. The most important of it all is to 'install' or 'launch' your visualisation when your conscious mind is least active. Perhaps a time when one is driving or arguing some petty matters with the mother-in-law.

It was a delightful Sunday going through these techniques with Kong and also with the rest of the course mates, now undoubtedly feeling more confident equipped with these tools to bring ourselves to greater heights.

Interesting isn't it?


Amadeus B.V 勇瑜 said...

What your teacher taught you is correct. It is belief and gratitude that matters. I have been using it to achieve quite a number of miracles.

Amadeus B.V 勇瑜 said...

and of course you have to be very clear in what you want. you don't stop at "i want more money", but why do you want more money? something like that