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Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Vacuum State

Deep in the esoteric we are in the vacuum state.
We can't see this with our human body.
In the human form, we exist in the physical plane. However, the physical plane co-exists with the other more subtle planes, which are not visible by the physical eye.
Nothing exists in isolation. We are all connected. Hence there is no such thing as one's spiritual life separated from one's business life, the latter usually wrongfully perceived as necessarily ruthless unethical and uncaring.
Business is about profits and about adding value to products that serves society. It has to create life supporting wealth in order to be sustainable. A business model needs to direct money to such values. The more value, the more people shall benefit and the more money and goodwill shall flow to the business.
Sadly, in practice, many businessmen overlook what values they can add. Instead they focus at how they can win business deals, and if need be, to buy their way into the deals. This can mean sleazy entertainment or bribery, which is a result of fear. Fear of not winning. (Singlish: "kiasu"). It is this that gives many the perception that business need to be sleazy and immoral. Let's bring back business values. This is what sells best and is sustainable.

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