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Monday, November 05, 2007

The Mindful Way - a BBC documentary

Found excerpts of this enlightening BBC documentary, "The Mindful Way", that has an interview with Ajahn Chah, posted on YouTube. For more about Ajahn Chah's wisdom in Vacuum State, click here

The ultimate is to let go, and even to let go of "letting go", for the mind must have no desire and flow with the natural cause. When that happens the mind will be as still as the forest pond. There will be problems but you will see through them.
When we cease to cling to happiness, we begin to be happy. In the end, we don't own anything, as ultimately there is no self, but just the basic elements of Earth, Water, Air and Fire.
Meditation confronts this 'self'. This can be like a raging storm to free one's heart and open to loving kindness that embraces all life - that all lives have breath that rises and falls - and eventually, all lives expire.
If we can't understand 'death', life can be confusing. And so in the movie "Tuesday with Morrie", Morrie said, "When you understand death, you start to learn how to live."

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